• Choosing the Best Fence for your Boundaries.

    16 July 2015



    When considering the construction of a new fence along either the side boundaries or back
    boundary of your property, there are some important points which first must be considered,
    especially if the line of the fence is on a sloping site.

    Are there any specific council regulations for my property?

    Most councils have a height restriction of 1800 mm high boundary fencing, although there are
    areas in which a higher fence can be constructed. The best way to find out if there are any
    specific regulations to your property is to contact your local council.

    Am I limited to having a CCA treated pine timber paling fence?

    Not at all! Whilst timber fencing is the easiest fencing option for a sloping site, other
    fencing to be considered if privacy isn’t an issue is chainwire fencing, and for complete
    privacy and a fence that will remain solid for many years you could consider a Modular Wall.
    Aluminium or timber slat screen fencing is another modern alternative, and Colourbond fencing
    offers complete privacy and is available in a range of many colours.

    Can Colourbond fencing be installed successfully on a sloping site?

    Yes, but on mildly sloping sites only. Another aspect to consider is that the stability of a
    Colourbond fence can be compromised in a high wind area.

    Once you have a fence in mind that will suit your site, your personal taste, and have discussed
    the options with any neighbours who are adjoining your property, contact the friendly staff at
    Frontline Fences for a free site analysis and quote.

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  • Spring in the Garden.

    17 September 2014

    Nothing says spring quite as well as the suns warm rays spreading across the colourful blooms on flowers, tiny new shoots of growth on shrubs and the constant hum of the buzzing bees.

    As we head outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather and the lengthening days, now is the time also for some pre-planning around the garden.

    Is it time to replace your back yard fence? And how are your side gates performing, can they be opened and closed with ease?

    With the new rules imposed by the Tweed Shire Council recently, regarding pool fencing, the time has also come to assess the safety of your pool fence and gate. Is your pool gate closing automatically after you walk through it? And is the Magna-Latch hinging closed, so that a small child cannot open it?

    By taking care of the simple necessities of your yard now, you can enjoy the summer months ahead knowing that everything in the garden is well maintained and in good working order.

    Begin planning your stress free summer months ahead today by calling Frontline Fences on 07 55 24 1842 and we will arrange a free quote and safety assessment on your fencing and gates requirements today.





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